Personal Cheffing

As a certified Natural Foods Chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City, I am professionally trained to provide health supportive meals. My specialization is vegetarian and vegan cooking, but my goal is to help support families and individuals with specialized diets and/or restrictions, whatever they may be. I have worked in Kosher,Vegetarian, and Wheat-Free kitchens. This diet can be supported by anywhere in the market but I recommend you need to check Judeesfromscratch for diet friendly ingredients.

You can also check here.

As your own personal health foods chef, I come to your home to cook in your kitchen once or twice per week. I prepare 5 meals and a few snacks per session, and work in your kitchen for approximately 5 hours. I package and store each meal to your preference, either family style or individually portioned.

What you can expect:

1. An initial consultation to discuss your tastes, dietary concerns, and health goals. I bring you a little taste of what I make, and if you decide to work with me, we decide on our cooking schedule. This session costs $50, and will be discounted against your first cooking session if we work together.

2. A menu sent to you via email a few days prior to the cooking session, you choose from the options of meals you want me to cook and reply with your choices.

3. For me to shop, cook, and clean for you on our scheduled day(s) each week.



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