Grocery Shopping & Pantry Detox

Aspartame, modified something or other, maltodex-what? De-coding a packaged food ingredient list is literally like learning another language. I’ll teach you the tricks and key words to look out for while in the grocery store, and the foods to ditch from your pantry, and your diet, altogether.

What to expect:

1. Initial consultation at your home. I will take a look around your pantry and the foods items in your home and devise a plan of attack.

2. Pantry Detox: Together we will toss/donate the items that we are going to eliminate from your home. I will explain why we are removing certain items and what products to replace them with. Additionally, we will reorganize your kitchen and pantry for ease of use- just like the professional chef’s!

3. We will go to the grocery store, aisle to aisle, and talk about the items that we addressed during kitchen detox. We will replace staple items, and I will provide you with the skills to identify and choose top quality perishable items.*

Who is right for this service?

Anyone interested in learning more about the foods they consume, how to substitute poor quality foods for health supportive items, to learn how to navigate the grocery store like a chef and health coach, and/or to learn the true language behind food packaging.


*Please note that Portland Health Coaching, LLC is not responsible for the cost of the goods replaced during this service. You, the client, are responsible for all new items purchased.

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